Project Princess is an Austin based non-profit dedicated to giving local girls prom materials such as dresses, shoes, and accessories. We are owned and operated completely by Texas Lonestars, a spirit group at the University of Texas.

WHO WE are

Boutique day

Each year we put on our Boutique Day, where girls come out and personal shop with us. At the end of the day we try to ensure that every girl goes home with a dress, shoes, and accessories. 


We are always looking to receive donations! We accept new or lightly used dresses, shoes, and accessories. Click below to see locations we currently have in use. 

Texas Lonestars

Texas Lonestars is a spirit group at UT Austin, committed to service, sisterhood, and spirit. Founded in 2000, we dedicate ourselves to these pillars and each other. We founded Project Princess in 2001, and it remains our main service priority.

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